Meaning of The Name Claudia Personality, Origin & Popularity

Are you looking for a name for your baby? !! Congratulations!! You will surely love Claudia, because she is a very popular girl’s name in Spain and among her characteristics her elegance, beauty and sweetness stand out. In addition, this name has a long history: it was the name given to the Roman gens.

Do you want to know what Claudia means and what the people with this name are like? In this paraBebés article, we explain the meaning of the name Claudia , the origin, the personality, the saints and their diminutives and variants. And many more curiosities! Claudia is a girl’s name. You will find more at two names.

What does Claudia mean?

The meaning of the name Claudia is ” lame “, the feminine form of Claud in Latin.

Origin of the name Claudia

The origin of the name Claudia is Latin , since Claudus means “lame” and this is related to the physical characteristics that are linked to Claudio, the father of the family who was lame due to a heroic war action.

In the saint list there are twelve martyrs who bear this name: Claudia de Ancira and Claudia de Roma . Claudia was a Roman patrician and plebeian family. The patrician Claudii were of Sabine origin and arrived in Rome in 504 BC and were accepted among the patricians.

Claudia was first mentioned in the book of Timothy in the New Testament, specifically in chapter 2, Timothy 4:21. It is conjecture that it has some probability that she was a British maiden, daughter of King Cogidunus, who was an ally of Rome, and assumed the name of the emperor, her patron, Tiberius Claudius , and that she was the wife of Pudens.

Diminutives and variations of the name Claudia

Among the diminutives of Claudia are:

  • Clau
  • claus

The only variation of the name Claudia is Klaudia.

The name Claudia in other languages

Claudia is a name that comes from Latin and there are other possible variants in other languages:

  • English : Claude, Claudia
  • French : Clodette, Claudine, Claudette, Clawdeen
  • Catalan : Claudia
  • Basque : Claudi
  • Polish : Kauldi

Personality of the name Claudia

People named Claudia are fun and pretty. They have a unique personality that stands out when you see them wherever they go and when you meet them. They catch, they know how to conquer your attention and they are very sociable . They do not like to be alone, they need to feel welcomed by others and express themselves openly with everyone.

Despite her kindness and willingness to help others, Claudia can sometimes feel insecure and need the support of those she loves most. She needs to create strong emotional bonds for her day to day life. Trust is essential in any field: be it love, work or family. All of her friendships are real and sincere.

She is a person who is there unconditionally, but that does not mean that she allows any situation: if you hurt her, she can be calculating and cold. Claudia is usually quite a mature and hard-working person, regardless of her age. Her decisions are always thoughtful and lead her on the right path.

Celebrities named Claudia

Among the famous with the name Claudia, the following stand out:

  • Claudia Salas : Spanish actress known for her participation in theNetflix Elite series.
  • Claudia Traisac : Spanish stage, film and television actress who appears in series such as Vivir Sin Permiso . (appears in the image)
  • Claudia Wells : American actress known for playing Jennifer in Back to the Future .
  • Claudia Schiffer: German model who helped popularize the name Claudia in the 1980s, when mothers and fathers popularized this name.

Claudia’s Saint’s Day

The day of Santa Claudia is May 18 , although other dates are also attributed to it.

Numerology Of The Name Claudia

El número de Claudia es el 6, este número simboliza la justicia y la verdad.

Popularidad del nombre Claudia

Claudia es uno de los nombres más populares del mundo en este momento. Podríamos decir que es un nombre usado en casi todo el planeta, incluso en países asiáticos por influencia Occidental. Claudia es un nombre que está ganando popularidad, aunque vivió su momento de máxima popularidad hace unos 15 años.

Actualmente, hay 81.845 mujeres llamadas Claudia en España con una media de edad de 16,7 años, esto significa que es un nombre joven y moderno. A continuación, conoceremos las provincias donde es más popular:

  • Barcelona
  • Girona
  • Tarragona
  • Asturias
  • Cádiz
  • Guadalajara
  • Sevilla
  • Valencia
  • Castellón

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