Meaning of The Name Damaris Personality, Origin & Popularity

Are you looking for a name for a girl and this one has caught your attention? Surely, you will be looking for more information about this feminine name then. If so, keep reading for Babies and discover in this two names article the meaning of the name Damaris , its origin, personality, saints, variants, diminutives, numerology, celebrities with the same name and its popularity. Damaris is a girl’s name .

What does Damaris mean?

The meaning of the name Damaris is “married woman”, “wife”, “lady”, “beautiful lady” and “beautiful woman”.

Origin of the name Damaris

The feminine name Damaris is of Greek origin and its most faithful translation is “married woman” or “wife”, having derived from this origin that began in Ancient Greece to meanings such as “beautiful woman”, “lady” or “lady”. pretty”. We must also keep in mind that Damaris is a biblical character who appears in the New Testament.

Diminutives and variations of the name Damaris

The diminutives of the name Damaris are:

  • Lady
  • Sea
  • Maris
  • Aris

Also, some of the variants of this female name are:

  • Damaris
  • Damarys
  • Adamaris
  • Adamari
  • Damara
  • Ladies

The name Damaris in other languages ​​is not translated, but is written with some of the forms already indicated and the pronunciation may vary in some cases.

Personality of the name Damaris

Damaris is considered a creative, cultured, faithful and very familiar person . She is also considered to have great strength and character. In addition, she is very sociable and surrounds herself with those who love her the most and those who love her the most and who will help her at any time that is necessary, as she will do with these people without hesitation.

He is also sensitive and makes the most of his natural abilities, which helps him achieve everything he sets out to do, even if it means a lot of effort. However, he is sometimes easily swayed by emotions and makes decisions lightly.

Celebrities with the name Damaris

  • Damaris Gelabert: Catalan musician, composer, pedagogue and music therapist.
  • Adamari López Torres: Puerto Rican actress.
  • Dámaris Abad Anselmo: Spanish known artistically as “Dama”. She is a Latin music singer. In the photo below you can see it.

Day of the Saint of Damaris

The day of the celebration of Santa Damaris is the 4th of October .

Numerology Of The Name Damaris

The number of the name Damaris according to numerology is the number 11 , which is one of those considered masters.

Popularity of the first name Damaris

The data collected by the INE (National Institute of Statistics) on this name in Spain is that its popularity is 3,187 women called Damaris and its average age is 26.6 years .

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