Meaning of The Name Jacqueline Personality, Origin & Popularity

Jacqueline is the French variant of the Spanish name Jaquelina, ” she whom God will reward “. It is a name that defines an emotional, kind and generous woman, always ready to give everything for her family. If you want to know the meaning of Jacqueline, as well as the origin of this popular and interesting name, do not miss the following two names article.

We also discover the personality of the women named Jacqueline, the popularity of the name, the saints, their variants and much more. Jacqueline is a girl’s name .

What does Jacqueline mean?

Although it is often said that Jacqueline literally means “she who supplanted her brother”, its deepest and most popular meaning is not this. The truth is that Jacqueline comes from the Hebrew word Yeagob , which translates as ” God will reward “.

As we will see below, Jacqueline is a very popular name throughout the world, which is why there are different variants of the name and, therefore, different meanings that will always depend on each individual. The most popular J names for girls in the United States is Josephine, the English, German, and Dutch version of the French

Origin of the name Jacqueline

While it is true that Jacqueline is the French version of the Spanish name Jaquelina, the origin of the name Jacqueline is Hebrew . There are those who claim that this girl’s name comes from the masculine name Jacob (Ya’cob in ancient Hebrew), who appears in the Bible and in the Torah as one of God’s great protégés.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are many experts in the Hebrew language who defend that Jacqueline comes from the word “Yeagob”, translated as ” God will reward “.

Diminutives and variations of the name Jacqueline

The best known diminutives of the name Jacqueline are the following:

  • jackie
  • Jaqui or Jacky
  • Jack or Jack
  • Jay
  • linny

Other variations of the name Jacqueline are:

  • jacqueline
  • Jacqueline
  • Jackelin

The name Jacqueline in other languages

The name Jacqueline is international , so it is usually written the same in all languages. However, there are some cultures that do have their own version of the name Jacqueline:

  • Spanish: Jacqueline
  • Italian: Giachetta or Giacomina
  • Dutch: Jacobin

Personality of the name Jacqueline

Women named Jacqueline are rational, compassionate and generous people who enjoy helping others. Although it is true that their most passionate and emotional side is quite hidden (because they are governed by their own rules and objectives), they are women who, when they let themselves go, are capable of giving everything for those they love. They are very familiar women who would sacrifice everything for their own.

The girls named Jacqueline have great wisdom and are constantly learning new things, as they are ambitious women with themselves who enjoy knowing what surrounds them well. They are very hard-working and organized people who avoid leadership despite their magnetism and high intellectual capacities.

Celebrities named Jacqueline

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – was the first lady of the United States, wife of President John F. Kennedy. Photographed below.
  • Jacqueline Bracamontes : Mexican actress and model.
  • Jacqueline Bisset – British film actress, winner of a Golden Globe.
  • Jacqueline Toboni – American actress, best known for her role on the television series Grimm.

Jacqueline’s Saint’s Day

Saint Jacqueline’s day can be celebrated on different dates, although the most common is February 8 , in honor of Saint Jacqueline, Blessed of Rome.

Numerology Of The Name Jacqueline

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Jacqueline is 7 .

Popularity of the first name Jacqueline

Although Jacqueline is not one of the most popular names in Spanish territory, there are currently 3,517 women named that way in our country . The average age of these women is 42.7 years, so we can deduce that it is a name that has long passed its peak.

The municipalities in Spain that have the most women named Jacqueline are, by far, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas, although Alicante follows closely behind.

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