Meaning of The Name Yannick Personality, Origin & Popularity

Yannick is one of the prettiest names we can find for a boy. Like any name of French origin, it is a harmonious and graceful name . Currently, Yannick is not a very popular name in Spain, thus becoming one of the most original and beautiful names for boys that we can find.

If you want to know more about the name Yannick for a boy, don’t miss this two names article in which we will talk about the meaning of the name Yannick , as well as its origin, personality, saints, popularity and other information of interest. Yannick is a boy’s name .

What does Yannik mean?

The male name Yannick means ” God is merciful ” or ” the grace of God “. On occasion, the name Yannick has also been translated as ” God is with me “.

Origin of the name Yannick

Yannick is a name of French origin . Some theories state that the name Yannick comes from the Hebrew Yochanan or Yeohannan, just like the name Juan, which means “God is merciful”. You might be interested in the Samiel name meaning.

Diminutives and variations of the name Yannick

Among the most popular diminutives of Yannick, we find:

  • Yann
  • Yanny
  • Nick

Among the variations of the name Yannick, the following stand out:

  • Yanick
  • Yannick
  • Yanic

The name Yannick in other languages

  • Yannick in Arabic: يانيك
  • Yannick in Chinese: 雅尼克
  • Yannick in Japanese: ヤニック
  • Yannick in Hebrew: יאניק
  • Yannick in Korean: 야닉
  • Yannick in Russian: Янник

Personality of the name Yannick

People named Yannick are usually very outgoing in every way. They are very brave and adventurous, so the Yannicks are rarely afraid of anything. Likewise, Yannick is very curious, rambunctious and cheerful , so he can sometimes be easily distracted by topics that catch his attention.

The Yannicks are also very funny ; they love to play jokes and make others laugh. For all these reasons, the Yannicks are people who find it easy to make friends and like others, so they will always be surrounded by people who know how to value them. In love, the Yannicks are a little jealous, although they will treat their partners with great affection and loyalty .

Celebrities with the name Yannick

  • Yannick Carrasco – He is a famous Belgian footballer who plays as a winger for Dalian Yifang of the Chinese Super League. He is also part of the Belgium soccer team.
  • Yannick Noah – Famous French singer and former professional tennis player. In 1983, he scored his biggest win in the men’s final at Roland Garros.
  • Yannick Bisson – Well-known Canadian film and television actor and director. He has appeared on the series Murdoch Mysteries, playing the role of detective William Murdoch.
  • Yannick Jadot – is a well-known French environmentalist. Since the European elections of 2009, he is also a member of the European Parliament.
  • Yannick Bolaise – Famous French footballer from a Congolese family who plays as an attacking midfielder and as a winger for Everton in the Premier League.

Yannick’s Saint’s Day

The name Yannick has no saints, so it can be celebrated on November 1 , All Saints’ Day.

Numerology Of The Name Yannick

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Yannick is 5 .

Popularity of the first name Yannick

According to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain there are a total of 385 men named Yannick with an average age of 19.1 years . As we can see on the map, the provinces with the highest number of people named Yannick are:

  1. Girona
  2. Biscay
  3. Santa Cruz of Tenerife

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