My daughter is no longer a baby and I have a thousand mixed feelings

There is a phrase, whose author I do not know, that I consider perfectly defines what motherhood is like, or rather, life with small children: the days are long, but the years are short . And it is so true.

The first years, with all those sleepless nights and the occasional tantrum can seem eternal, but then one fine day we realize that our children have grown, and in reality, the years have been very short. So today I share with you a small reflection, in which I realize that my daughter is no longer a baby and I have a thousand mixed feelings .

Sometimes, if I think about it very carefully and let my memory play its part, I can still see myself with that pregnant belly when I was expecting my daughter . It’s funny how during the last trimester I was desperate for my daughter to be born, but the following months I still touched my belly hoping to feel her there.

I remember those first months full of sleepless nights, full of doubts and fears that seem like a very distant dream. Now I find it hard to believe that my almost five-year-old daughter was once a newborn, tiny and defenseless, depending on me for everything .

Even though I must have felt very tired, overwhelmed and fearful back then, I hardly remember any of it. What is very present in my memory is that baby who slept next to me, she fed on my chest and gave me smiles and she answered me with little noises when she spoke tenderly to her. Check out more interesting articles on our parenting site.

Today that baby is a tall, beautiful and intelligent girl who plays, laughs, sings and spends the day running and chattering about absolutely everything she sees and happens to her. And all of that makes me wonder: when did you grow so big, baby? And that’s when a wave of emotions and feelings invades me , because motherhood has not only made me stronger and more patient. It has also made me very cheesy and romantic.

On the one hand, I am very happy and proud to see that every day my daughter grows and develops healthily, gradually becoming a more independent, strong and intelligent girl. But I can’t help but miss the baby she once was .

That little person who came to transform the life of the whole familyawakening in me a love that I did not know and opening my eyes to strengths and capacities that I did not know I had . She taught me the value of little things: a smile, a hug, a sigh, a few fearful steps.

When she was a baby, each new thing was an event for her and each achievement became worthy of a celebration that she makes me a part of . There are still things that are, but she is no longer surprised as before and that’s it, well now I see she also likes to learn and memorize everything.

All this makes me very happy, because seeing her grow fills me with satisfaction. But also, sometimes I feel that an immense sadness invades me, because her hugs, which used to be long and prolonged, are now shorter and more hurried. And that breaks my heart, because it makes me realize that my baby is no longer a baby .

And it hurts me a little to know that although we will always love each other, it will never be like now that she is still little . In these early years, she has given me the purest, most tender and sincere love, the one that only babies and toddlers are capable of giving us .

I remember when I still hadn’t slept a full night and prayed to heaven that it would grow soon, so that I could rest better at night and not feel like a zombie the next day. Now she sleeps peacefully through the night, not needing mommy to hold her.

We still co-sleeping (and will continue to do so until she doesn’t want to anymore), and sometimes, when she’s asleep next to me, I hug her and whisper in her ear: “please don’t grow up, okay?” The most precious thing of all is that she seems to listen to me, because she hugs me with that cute attachment that children have.

The reality is that our children will only be small once , but they will continue to need us all their lives. So I may not have a baby anymore, but I do have a daughter who still needs me and for whom I have a lot of love to give.

So I will do my best and enjoy each stage with the good things it brings, even if I feel my heart squeezing a little when I see those baby photos , which social networks remind me of from time to time.

Before having my daughter, I never imagined that “contradictory” would be a word with which I could define motherhood. Because although many times we want them to grow up and become older, at the same time we want them to always continue to be our babies .

And for the mothers who still have babies in their arms , I tell you the following: take advantage of this stage. She smells her hair, caresses her little feet, picks her up, kisses her little hands and loves her with all your might. Save each of these things in your memory, because although more amazing and beautiful things will follow, time flies, and one day you will miss them .