Seven essential tips to successfully organize a children's birthday party

Any parent wants their children to have a birthday party that they enjoy and remember. It is a very special day for them that they have surely been waiting for a long time, so it is normal that we think about all the details that we want the celebration to have so that it is perfect.

It is not necessary to “throw the house out the window” to surprise your child on his magical day. Moreover, from my own experience I know that most children enjoy simple celebrations above all, and not so much with massive and overloaded parties.

If you are looking for ideas to organize a children’s birthday , we share seven essential tips that you must take into account to make the party a success.

Define the type of celebration

Before starting it is important to first define the type of birthday party we want to do . In this sense, we can speak of three great celebrations:

If you want to recover the type of celebrations that you probably had in your childhood, nothing better than organizing a homemade birthday party for your little one .

As a point in favor of this type of celebration , the creativity and variety of activities that we can carry out stands out; from board games , home escape-room, movie session or crafts, to even a sleepover !

On the other hand, parties at home do not allow a large number of children to gather , and they involve a lot of work for those who organize them.

It is a perfect party if your little one wants to invite a small number of friends, has a birthday in a cold or rainy season, or you are looking for an intimate and personal celebration.

outdoor party

The arrival of the pandemic has prompted this type of celebration . Whether in urban parks, recreational areas with picnic areas or even in the countryside, organizing an outdoor party is a great idea for children to have fun outdoors.

As a point in favor of this type of celebration , its low cost stands out, as well as the benefits that free play on swings or in the middle of nature brings to children.

Although it is not superfluous to bring ideas of ball games , dances, traditional or sports games, surely they themselves find a thousand and one ways to have fun and explore their creativity.

As a negative aspect, I would highlight the inconvenience of organizing a picnic in the open air, especially if there are many guests or they are small children, since important details must be taken care of so that nothing is missing and the time of the meal is safe , hygienic and respectful of the environment. around.

It is also important not to lose sight of the children at any time (you will have to organize yourselves among several adults to watch everyone), because as it is an outdoor celebration it is easier for a child to get lost and separate from the group .

This type of party is ideal when the good weather arrives and we want the children to enjoy the outdoors. Also when there are many guests and you want to cut the budget.

Party in a special place

For several years, massive birthday parties have become very popular and in special places , such as ball parks , leisure centers with trampolines and inflatables , celebrations in school-farms with activities led by monitors, go-kart circuits, climbing walls ….

The positive thing about this type of party is its comfort (parents don’t have to worry about anything at all) and its spectacular nature . And it is that the organizers do not usually skimp on details to surprise children with clowns , face painting, disco, lights and special decoration, crown or makeup for the birthday boy …

However, most of these parties are “cut from the same cloth”, as they say colloquially, so they have an impersonal character , as well as a high cost.

I would recommend this type of party especially in the case of small children or for the convenience of parents. Also in pre-adolescents or adolescents who are looking for fun activities such as go-karts, paintball or a climbing wall.

Choose the theme of the party

If we have chosen to organize a home or outdoor party, we can theme it with the characters, hobbies or tastes of our little one.

– If it is a party for preschool children , the most successful characters or themes are usually Disney princesses, Micky Mouse, Peppa Pig, superheroes, dinosaurs or cars.

– If it is a party for primary school children , they will surely be surprised with a theme about Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Avengers or with characters from popular video games.

Prepare the invitations

There are many ways to announce your little one ‘s birthday party to guests . We suggest some:

– The simplest is to buy a package of invitations and fill in the gaps to personalize it. Surely the child will love writing the names of his friends and the place and time of her party.

– If you have opted for a themed party, you can design the invitations yourself in Photoshop or download templates from the Internet with your little one’s favorite characters.

– Finally, you can create the invitations by hand with elements such as cardboard, glitter, glue, scissors, crayons… This idea is usually the favorite of children, as it allows them to fully develop their creativity, personalize each invitation according to tastes of your recipient, and have a good time doing crafts with mom or dad .


Decoration is one of the key points to surprise children on their birthday.

If you have chosen to organize a theme party , personalized tableware (tablecloths, plates, glasses, napkins…), banners, garlands or pennants of your favorite characters, or even a surprising photocall should not be missing.

You can also opt for a DIY decoration , which in addition to being unique and personal, you can prepare with the help of your little one.

snack and cake

If, as we mentioned in the first point, you have chosen to celebrate your child’s birthday in a children’s venue with organized activities, the menu is most likely included and you should not take care of anything.

But if you are going to be the one to organize the birthday snack, we suggest you opt for nutritious and delicious options , such as hummus canapés, healthy sandwiches , light snacks , fruit skewers or sorbets .

Needless to say , the birthday cake is extremely special . If you like confectionery and you dare to do it yourself, on the Internet you will find lots of surprising recipes and other very simple ones . Although without a doubt the easiest option is to buy it in a pastry shop or order it in an artisan workshop so that they can customize it to your child’s taste .

Do not forget that among the guests there may be children with allergies or food intolerances . Always ask the parents first before ordering the menu or preparing the snack for the little ones, and if you have any questions, contact the family of the allergic child directly ; They will be happy to help you with everything.


There is no celebration worth its salt without a good soundtrack . And it is that regardless of the party you have organized, music cannot be missing. Children love music , sing trendy songs at the top of their lungs and invent fun choreographies.

Nowadays, with a small portable speaker and a mobile it is possible to create a disco atmosphere wherever you go.

Detail for the guests

A widespread practice to put the finishing touch to the birthday party is to give a small detail to the attendees.

There are parents who choose to distribute a bag of sweets or trinkets to each child, but there are also fun, creative and practical proposals such as soap bubbles, coloring books, cloth bags or stamps of their favorite characters.