The shocking story of a Ukrainian mother who protected her baby

The invasion of Ukraine is leaving us with really dramatic images that I wish we didn’t have to see, and one of them is this shocking image released by Unicef ​​of an injured mother in Kiev and her newborn baby, which bears witness to the violence of war.

Olga has her head bandaged and her body covered in shrapnel wounds while nursing her baby; Both are accompanied by the girl’s father on one side of the bed. The photo has gone viral as a symbol of the horror of war and the protection of a mother .

The story behind the photo

Olga is a 27-year-old Ukrainian mother who was seriously injured last Sunday morning while breastfeeding her six-week-old baby, Victoria, in her apartment in kyiv.

A missile exploded near her house, the windows of the room where she was with her daughter exploded and shattered, injuring the woman. She recalls her shock at seeing her baby covered in blood , fearing the worst.

“I was hit in the head and blood started to spill on my baby. I didn’t understand, I thought it was her blood,” Olga told Reuters , sitting on a bed at Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital, where she was being treated.

The mother had covered the baby with a blanket and was holding her in her arms, protecting her with her own body, which helped prevent serious injury and probably saved her life .

Dmytro, the girl’s father, was woken up by the noise of the crystals and jumped to protect them both. It was there that he picked up the girl and could see that her blood belonged to her mother, not the girl. “Olga, it’s your blood, not hers,” he remembers Dmytro replying.

Olga is being treated for multiple cuts to her head and body, but the baby was unharmed apart from a scratch and some bruising.

The one where they are being treated spread the images with the following message:

“Our hospital admitted a family of Kievans who were injured during the shelling. The father, Dmytro, says that he and his wife heard heavy shelling at night; it was getting closer and closer until it finally hit a building near their home in the morning.”

Despite the dramatic situation, the father expresses that “There is nothing left for us to do but stay positive, only to believe that it was the worst, the most horrible thing that could have happened in our lives.” Check out more interesting articles on our parenting site.

Fortunately, in this case, its protagonists can tell the story while recovering from the shock. Contrary to what happened with the pregnant woman who was evacuated on a stretcher from a bombed-out maternity hospital in Mariupol, who days later died along with her baby due to her serious injuries.